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The Township of Lakewood's Emergency Medical Services Department has been providing the residents of Lakewood and those who work and travel through our town with emergency care from its inception in 1979. Staffed 24 hours per day equipped to respond to the need of the 110,000 plus residents and guests in our residential, commercial, and industrial park. Well known locations in Lakewood include the Lakewood Municipal Airport, 600 bed Kimball Medical Center, 7 nursing facilities, Ocean County Park, Georgian Court University, Pine Park, Ocean County Police Academy, Lake Shenandoah, Beth Medrash Govoha University, Northern Reclamation center and Lakewood Blue Claws Stadium.

The EMS Department in 2013 handled 6,102 dispatches while operating one 2012 Road Rescue type II E-450, one 2011 Road Rescue E-450 Type II and one 2010 Type II Road Rescue ambulance. Each ambulance is equipped with Light Rescue capabilities utilizing the Hurst Omni-Tool and a 5 HP portable Honda generator, Halligan tool and various hand tools. Each ambulance is licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services and inspected every other year. The ambulances are equipped with the Stryker Power Pro Cot, which allows for upwards of 700 pounds of carrying weight and hydraulic lift capabilities which helps reduce staff injuries while lifting and moving. Additional equipment includes the Cardiac Science Defibrillators, Panasonic CF-19 Toughbooks and Stryker Stair Chair. Two 2006 Ford Crown Victoria emergency response units utilized and a 2013 Ford Explorer to provide first response capabilities to include Defibrillation, Incident Command and patient care. In 2008 - The EMS department added (3) three GT Aggressor Bicycles to its fleet through a donation from Anchor Auto and SC Action Sports. These bicycles will be used during times of Mass Gatherings and township events, where the responder units and/or ambulances may not gain access to deliver patient care. The bicycles are equipped with Oxygen, Defibrillator and various Medical Supplies along with a 2001 Crown Victoria response unit assigned to transport the bicycle. These bicycles are used about seven times a year in the township, I in addition to supporting to the New Jersey State Task EMS force on mass gatherings. This bicycle unit provides additional communication and an internal triage post as needed for other responding agencies. This unit is also used to promote bicycle safety, helmet awareness and education to the public.

A 2008 Ford Expedition was added to the fleet to replace the 2001 Supervisor unit. The Supervisor unit is outfitted as a first responder unit, with patient transport capabilities for off road access and terrain, severe weather (Snow and Flooding), Primary Incident command unit with a wireless communications section and a Panasonic CF-19 Tough book system.

In 2008 - The EMS department went to paperless charting of patient care records, utilizing the EMS charts documentation platform. This charting platform, allows EMS staff to gather patient information and compare with previous patient interactions to ensure the most up to date medical information possible.

In 2009 - The EMS Department restored a 1978 GMC rescue unit, which was initially the Volunteer First Aid Squads Extrication Unit. This vehicle is to be used as an incident support unit for all aspects of Emergency Services. Including Rehabilitation services for Fire, Post Hazardous-Materials support, Police special services unit, any prolonged on-scene events and a Mass Gathering Station for medical support. The interior of the patient care area allows for a refrigerator, Microwave, hose adapted sink, along with an area to seat 4 individuals for warming and cooling. On board generator will allow for lighting and electrical power into a remote area. This Incident support unit is designed to be adaptable to a variety of events, which, could face the residents, and guests of Lakewood Township. In 2014, this vehicle was replaced by a 17 foot 1989 L-8000 Walk-In Ford Ranger which expands the capabilities of the department to include Cascade system and a stronger delivery platform for long on scene support.

Heavy Extrication is performed by the Lakewood Volunteer First Aid Squad utilizing a Smeal freightliner outfitted with three sets of Hurst Tools (Spreaders and cutters), three sets of Rams, plasma cutter, air bag capabilities and lighting.

In 2010, The EMS department selected and trained five (5) staff to work alongside the police departments Special Response Unit. This team is trained and equipped to provide direct medical support inside a tightly controlled area (police functions, Dignitary support, Barricaded and active shooter). The staff selected for the Emergency Services Support Unit provides special coverage in addition to their primary job function is available 24 hours a day.

In 2011, The EMS Department was approved to be part of the New Jersey State EMS Task force as a host agency. This will give the township EMS agencies, greater training opportunities and resources to utilize in the event of an emergency. The staff assigned to this detail has several specialties in addition to the Mass Care assignments.

In 2012 The EMS department was able to merge with the Police Water Rescue unit to create a larger aspect of the Emergency Services Support Unit (ESSU). This team is trained to respond as a joint team with the Police and Volunteer First Aid squad to all aspects of top water and Surface Ice rescue. The ESSU team now operates a 12 foot Aluminum Boat with a 8hp Motor to be used on the water as a utility boat and safety, a 2 person jet ski with Rescue Sled, a 12 Foot Rigid Hull Zodiac with 8hp Engine used as the primary Rescue Swimmer Deployment and all supplies are housed in a dedicated van ambulance designed to house the rescue equipment (Ice Rescue Suits, Rope, Slings and Harnesses) for these types of responses.

The Department of Emergency Medical Services is also affiliated with the American Safety and Health Institute as a training agency. Our training site located at our EMS quarters can assist you in all aspects of medical training. Classes can be performed at your place of business and can consist of CPR, Basic First Aid, Defibrillator training, Right to Know, Blood borne Pathogens, Incident command, Babysitting safety, Emergency Medical Response, NIMS training and consultation. For additional information of training opportunities - email - EMStraining@lakewoodtwpnj.org

Presentations are available for all groups (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Elementary students) topics include bicycle safety, water safety, 911 safety awareness and vehicle demonstrations.

Our EMS Staff are all certified as Emergency Medical Technicians and/ or Paramedics providing Basic Life Support along with Professional CPR, Incident Command 100, 200, Basic Hazardous Materials awareness, Right to Know, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, Fit Testing and NIMS 700 compliant.

The EMS crew is stationed at the Emergency Services Building on the corner of Pine Street and New Hampshire Ave., if you have any questions about the EMS Department please contact EMS Supervisor Scott Carter at 732-534-1835 or by filling out the contact form below.

Crystal Van de Zilver
Crystal Van de Zilver
EMS Chief
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