Francine Siegel
Zoning Officer

The Unified Development Ordinance was adopted to regulate the development and use of land within the Township of Lakewood, and to limit and restrict buildings and structures according to their type, nature and extent of their use for residential and non-residential uses. The Unified Development Ordinance regulates the bulk height, number of stories and size of buildings and other structures for more efficient use of the land.

The staff in the Zoning Office is available to answer questions concerning the land use and property zoning districts within the Township of Lakewood. There are various residential and non-residential zoning districts within the Township, and a schedule of bulk and dimensional requirements is available to provide needed information pertaining to the bulk requirements for minimun lot area including the setback requirements for minimum front yard, side yard, rear yard set backs, building height and accessory building location. The bulk and dimensional requirements is also available with regards to the non-residential zones.

Zoning approval and Building Permit must be obtained prior to any new construction, or the addition to any existing structure or accessory structure addition, such as fencing, sheds, swimming pools or detached accessory buildings.

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What is the fee for a zoning permit?
The basic zoning permit fee is $35.00. This fee would be in addition to any construction permit fees.
How can I find out the zone my property is located in?
Call our office and we will advise you of the zone in which your property is located.
Is zoning approval required prior to applying for a construction permit?
A completed zoning permit application, a copy of the survey with an indication of where the work is going to be done, and the setbacks to the property line. An application fee is also required.
Do I need a permit for pavers or concrete patio?
No permit is required.
Do I need a permit for a shed?
Yes, you need a permit for any shed size.
Do I need a permit for a fence?
Yes, you need a permit for all fencing.

The Zoning

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