Department of Registrar/Vital Statistics

Lauren Kirkman, JD, RMC, CMR

Lauren Kirkman, JD, RMC, CMR
Township Clerk/Registrar

The Office of Registrar/Vital Statistics registers vital events for the following vital records:
* Birth, marriage and death records starting at 1918
* Domestic partnership records starting at 2004
* Civil union records starting at 2007

Vital records are also available from Local Vital Records Offices in the municipality where the event occurred.

You may download a Lakewood Township Vital Record:
Application in English HERE
Application in Spanish HERE

For information about vital records from May 1848 through 1917 visit the State, Archives web page. The Archives also holds microfilm copies of births from 1901-1923, marriages from 1901-1940 and deaths from 1901-1940. These materials are available for in-person use only.

Visit the Center for Health Statistics web page for statistical information on vital events in New Jersey.

Visit the National Center for Health Statistics for information on how to request vital records from other states/jurisdictions.

Please note, New Jersey law protects and restricts the release of vital records. Vital records are not public records and cannot be searched online.


What are the requirements for applying for a domestic partnership?
Information on domestic partnership requirements can be found here: Click here
How long after a birth occurs is it filed with the office of vital statistics?
Currently births are filed within three weeks of the completion of the certificate by the hospital.
Can vital records be faxed?
No. Vital records require the raised seal of the local office of vital records to be considered valid.
Can I call the registrar to verify if a record exists?
Registrars are not permitted to verify if a record exists by phone, the applicant must submit a written request and fully identify the record as well as provide proof of identity/ relationship to the person in the record.
Can a person who is eligible to receive certified copies designate someone to obtain a vital record for them?
Yes. The person eligible can authorize another person on his or her behalf. To do so, a notarized letter from the eligible person must be submitted by the individual who is picking up the record, that person must complete an application and have acceptable ID.
How do I obtain an Apostille Seal?
You must first purchase a copy of your vital record from the State office of Vital Statistics; you must forward this document to the Division of Revenue, which issues the Apostille Seal. The telephone number is 609-292-9292, their website is:
What is the quickest way to obtain a certified copy of a vital record?
Requests for certified copies of most vital records can be made through our online portal located here:
Certified copies may also be obtained via mail, please fill out the "Vital Record Applications & Information" from our download center. Please provide a copy of your valid identification and check when submitting your request. Detailed directions on how to fill out the request form are included on the second page of the application.
Where do I obtain a divorce decree?
New Jersey divorce decrees are available through the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center. Call the records center at: 609-777-0092.
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The Department of Registrar/Vital Statistics

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