Employee of the Month Archives

Phil Roux
Nelson Ayala
Carol Andrews
Tax Assessor's Department
Barry Moon
Maria Shwartz
Francis DeCausy
Lynette LaBoy
Registrar's Office
Cindy Shwartz
Manager's Office
Margaret Stazko
Finance Department
Donna Kelly
Police Department
Helina Seninsky
Inspections Department
Steve Marino
Sanitation Department
Katherine Page
Clerk's Office
Florence "Flo" Ochs
Clerk's Office
Marilyn Rodriguez
Inspections/Code Enforcement Department
Darlene Toomey
Court Dept
Janelle Acchione
Code Enforcement/ Inspections Dept
Jean Haber
Traffic & Safety Division of the Lakewood Police Dept
Susie Beck
Office of the Mayor & Municipal Manager
Juan Rivera, Jr
Maintenance Dept. of the Department of Public Works
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