The ABCs of Headstart II - Enroll Now for Next Year

February 02, 2015

Headstart and Headstart II, free programs for preschool boys and girls turning ages three and four, are now accepting applications for enrollment for next year. Enrollment closes March 1, 2015. Call 732-534-9710 to make an appointment with a family worker to fill out an application.

Lakewood's Headstart programs, run by LEAP (Lakewood Economic Action Program, Inc.), are fully funded by the federal government, not by the state or local township. Headstart II, also referred to as Headstart 2, is the kosher program of Lakewood Headstart located at Bais Rivkah Rochel, Route 9, 285 River Avenue. The Headstart II program follows a typical school year, beginning in September and ending mid to late June. The hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.; and Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Morning transportation is available. Because the entire Headstart II program is kosher, no outside food can be brought in. Locker caterers provide breakfast and hot lunches. Admission to Headstart II is based on an estimated point system. Families are given points according to income eligibility; being bi-lingual – Yiddish and Hebrew ARE considered another language; any medical conditions; therapies, including speech; and such household dynamics as being a one-parent household. If a child needs services, a family worker will guide the family through the process so the child can receive services in Headstart.

Although Headstart II is a two-year program, parents have to apply each year. Year one is a nursery program with a short Aleph Bais (Aleph through Yud) curriculum. Year two is a standard kindergarten program—the entire Aleph Bais). The children learn about Yomim Tovim, shapes, colors, foods, ABCs.

Another program called Early Head Start is designed for pregnant women and infants up to age three who can move on to Headstart II afterwards, but they must fill out an application. In Early Head Start, a home visitor visits the home on a weekly basis and covers basic nutrition and activities for the child.

The Interim Executive Director and Early Head Start Manager Angie Gaeta is running the Headstart program in Lakewood; however, a new director is expected in the future. Remember to request an application for Headstart II, the kosher program, to apply for that program. Call 732-534-9710 to make an appointment.
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