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Lakewood is a great place to establish and grow your business. The area is ripe with economic opportunities and resources. Here you can find a pool of talented employees to help create your product and serve your customers, a bustling downtown for retail businesses, and vibrant industrial parks, office buildings, and economic development zones. The Lakewood Industrial Commission is looking out for the land needs of business and industrial parks.

A wide range or resources are available for the start-up, new venture, or entrepreneur.
A thriving Chamber of Commerce will help you get noticed and network with others in your industry, supply chain, or customer base. Our Development Corporation helps guide businesses along the path to sucess and growth. Come explore the slate of opportunity in Lakewood!
Lakewood is alive with economic development and growth. Together, the industrial parks comprise the second largest municipal industrial complex in the state.

Industry in Lakewood began more than 150 years ago. One of our founding fathers, Joseph Brick, established the Bergen Iron Works in 1833, creating the region's first significant hub for employment. Today, Lakewood is alive with economic development and growth. Our industrial parks are composed of more than 2200 acres of land, housing over 350 businesses and providing employment for almost 10,000 people. Together, the industrial parks comprise the second largest municipal industrial complex in the state. The continued health and vitality of the Township Industrial Park and Urban Enterprise Zone reflects itself upon the positive present state and future predictions of economic success and job creation for Lakewood. Lakewood Industrial Commission and Lakewood Development Corporation continue to attract and retain business and reap continued success in the business sector.

Major Developers:
  • Ed Bennett Properties
  • Iorio Construction
  • Sudler Companies
  • Advantage Properties
  • Excel Business Partners

Interested in starting a business? Let the Lakewood Development Corporation help. Under the direction of David Klein, the LDC can provide help and services to get you off the ground and provide a profitable future for your company.

For more information call Lakewood Development Corporation: 732-364-2500 x5257
The Lakewood Industrial Park is divided into three sections:
Lakewood Industrial Park
on Route 70
Lakewood Industrial
James/Prospect Streets
Industrial Park with rail service
When a town has the second largest industrial park in the state and continued growth and development, it needs a dynamic chamber of commerce to promote business opportunities, address the needs the business community, and serve as a resource to businesses and the community at large.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, cited as one of the top 50 chambers in the state by NJBiz, (2004) is a showcase for Lakewood's large and dynamic business community. As of July 2004, the Chamber has grown to 483 members.

As a service to the community, the Chamber provides information, maps and guidebooks to residents as well as to prospective residents and businesses. Each year, the Chamber works with a team of HR executives from the Industrial Park to survey businesses about key issues. The Chamber then sends the results to business owners as a guide for them.

Part of the mission of the Chamber is to keep its members informed about new laws, rules or regulations and help businesses keep up with the changes that might affect them.

From a bi-monthly newsletter to an active web-site,, to a new electronic newsletter and press releases, the Chamber uses every possible means to communicate with its members and town residents, often offering member-to-member discounts and advertising opportunities. Business After Hours, a popular networking event that takes place at the site of the hosting business, and the annual Awards Dinner naming citizens and businesses of the year, give members and residents alike a chance to socialize, learn from each other, and "do business."

Each year, the Chamber hosts an FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Day for Lakewood High School business students. Students visit businesses of their choice to experience that occupation first-hand. This year the Chamber gave $3,000.00 in scholarships to FBLA students and to students in the service organization PALS from the proceeds of its annual golf outing.

Chamber Member Benefits
  • Access to a professional office staff, ready and willing to answer your questions and refer you to prospective clients and customers.
  • A variety of discounted services and benefits.
  • Multiple networking events each month. Membership in the Chamber is good for business - your business. Contact the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce today for information about Chamber services, benefits and activities.
There are many useful organizations established in Lakewood to help with all your business needs. Here are just a few resources designed to help you get down to business...

Lakewood Development Corporation

Think of the Lakewood Development Corporation as your guide to the services and information you need to help your Lakewood business grow and profit. The Lakewood Development Corporation can usher you along the path to business success in Lakewood. So don't go it alone. Contact the Lakewood Development Corporation today!

Lakewood Industrial Commission

By the late 1960's, the hotels and egg production businesses underpinning Lakewood's economy were in decline. Many residents worked outside the township, commuting to jobs in New York City and Metropolitan New Jersey. Lakewood's leaders faced a two-fold challenge: Shore up the township's economy and give it's citizens the chance to work close to home. An abundance of vacant, unused land inspired the answer: An industrial park to attract business and "light" industry. Realizing this vision became the job of the Lakewood Industrial Commission, a group of citizen volunteers charged with planning, constructing and promoting Lakewood's first 500 acre park and subsequent parks.

Under the Industrial Commission's guidance, the Lakewood's industrial park has grown to 1,800 acres.

Lakewood's industrial parks are sure to have land or buildings perfect for your business. Contact the Lakewood Industrial Commission and start your search today!