Code Enforcement

Jeremy Kuipers

Jeremy Kuipers
Acting Construction Official

The division of Code Enforcement provides regular inspections throughout the Township to ensure compliance with Township Codes. Typically, inspectors look for code violations such as, illegal signs and properties in an unsafe or state of disrepair. Inspectors can respond to complaints and inquiries from residents about conditions that may not conform to ordinance standards. The division staff is there to protect all residents and businesses from unsafe and unsightly conditions in order to make Lakewood a better place to live.

Legal Notices


How long does a permit take?
State allows 20 business days.
What if I do not get a permit?
The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) makes it mandatory that when a Construction Official becomes aware that an owner or the owner's agent failed to obtain a required permit prior to commencing construction, the Construction Official shall issue a notice of violation/order to pay penalty to the owner of the property. The penalty can be up to $2000 and an additional $2000 for each week teh violation remains outstanding. The violation may lead to summons to appear in municipal court to enforce the payment of the penalty.
Why do I need a construction permit? How does getting a permit benefit me?
The purpose of the permit process is to protect the health, safety, welfare of the public. The Division of Inspections has the solemn responsibility to protect the current occupants of a building as well as all future occupants. The division does this by enforcing regulations and construction codes adopted by the State of New Jersey. The New Uniform Construction Code Act, and its regulations, is to provide a minimum standard for construction, while encouraging innovation and economy in construction, allow for the use of mondern technical methods, eliminate restrictive and unnecessary regulations that increase construction costs, and ensure adequate maintenance of structures.
A property owner benefits from the permit process. Your home or business is an investment. You protect the value of that investment when a construction project adheres to the minimum construction standards. Property insurers may not cover injuries, property damage, or lawsuits that occur if construction is undertaken without permits. Evidence that all permits were issued, inspections performed, and certificates issued, makes for a stronger defense in a court of law.
How can I be sure the Inspection Department has an updated address?
Call the Inspection Department and ask for David Drukaroff ext 5607.

The Code Enforcement

212 4th Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Hours: 8:30 AM - 4 PM for rental and housing window
Note: If this is an OPRA request it must be sent to the Township Clerk